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Sun java technology (Click to enlarge)
Sun Java technology

Online java game (Click to enlarge)
Online Java game

Java is used in a wide variety of platforms spanning from embedded devices and cell phones to enterprise servers. Here you'll find Java downloads, Java games, Java scripts, Sun Java and Java Virtual Machine.

Java Download Sites
Sun Microsystems - You can download Sun's latest Java software from this page.

Arcade Pod - Free online Java games, including action, adventure and sports games.

If technology touches your life, chances are, so does Java technology. Invented by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java technology has become the essential ingredient of the digital experience for hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life, all over the planet. Java software powers the onboard computers in toys, cars, planes, rockets, and even the NASA Mars Rover.

It brings interactivity to the Internet, real-time graphics to television, instant imaging to cameras, and multi-player games to mobile phones and desktop PCs. It connects the largest enterprises and smallest businesses to their employees, customers, and data. And it secures the vast majority of electronic transactions in retail, finance, government, science, and medicine.

Suns java platform
Sun's Java Platform

Sun's Java platform can be downloaded from their website and their Java download has attracted over 4 million software developers, worldwide use in every major industry segment, and a presence in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks of any programming technology. In fact, its versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security have made it the ideal technology for network computing, so that today, their Java download powers more than 2.5 billion devices:
  • Over 700 million PCs
  • Over 1 billion mobile phones and other handheld devices (source: Ovum)
  • 1.25 billion smart cards
  • Plus set-top boxes, printers, web cams, games, car navigation systems, lottery terminals, medical devices, parking payment stations, etc.
Java download technology allows applications to run reliably and enables compatibly on an incredible array of network products - from PCs, game players, and mobile phones to home appliances and automotive electronics. The Java brand has come to represent applications that are lively and interactive. A growing voice among consumers all over the globe actively prefers Java Powered applications and products.

JavaJava - Java technology is used in a wide variety of environments from PCs, game players, and mobile phones to home appliances. Java is also used to create online and mobile games and many computer applications.

Java GamesJava Games - Java games like KungFu 1.0.0, MIDP Street Fighter 1.0.0 and Air Gunner 1.0.0 can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Free Java games like Runescape and Radical Aces can be played online.

Java ScriptJava Script - JavaScript is a scripting programming language used for adding interactive elements to websites. Many free Java Script codes can be found on the web which can help make your site more interesting.

Sun JavaSun Java - Sun Microsystems are a software company who developed the Java programming language. Sun's products include computer servers like the Sun Java System Application Server which can be downloaded for free.

Java Virtual MachineJava Virtual Machine - A Java Virtual Machine allows you to run mini-programs written in Java called 'applets' inside your Web browser and allows other Java programs to run on your computer.

Free Java DownloadFree Java Download - Free Java download games like Unlimited Checkers, Javanoid, 3D Carpet Golf, 3Ddriver and Battleship may not have the realistic graphics of modern computer games but they are fun to play and free!

Java Runtime EnvironmentJava Runtime Environment - Sun's Java Runtime Environment is made up of Java Virtual Machine and a set of standard class libraries. JRE can be downloaded or the Sun Solutions CD can be bought online from Sun Microsystems.

Java Download Windows XPJava for Windows XP - A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is not included with Windows XP. However, the Java download Windows XP Service Pack 1 which includes Microsoft's JVM or Sun's own JVM are available to download.

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Sun Microsystems - Overview of how Java technology is used in a wide range of environments.

Java download technology has enabled software developers to create a wide range of original, action packed games of all genres for mobile devices and online gaming. Many of these games are available free and can be downloaded to your PC or mobile phone or played online via your web browser.

Mobile phone java game (Click to enlarge)
Mobile phone Java game